If you have not yet experienced a massage then you may be feeling a little bit apprehensive about what to expect. This article will answer all your questions prior to your first massage in order for you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the experience so that you can enjoy yourself. If you are someone interested in a career in massage therapy, then this will help you answer questions that your clients may have prior to the massage session.

Common Questions

A common question is that people want to know what to wear to a massage, and what the protocol is for what to wear during the massage. The phrase that massage therapists often use to help direct their clients in what to wear during the massage is “feel free to undress to your comfort level.” Many people choose to undress completely, as the private areas of the body will remain covered with the sheets during the entire massage. Other people choose to leave on their undergarments, socks or other articles of clothing. The massage can be performed over clothing as needed. With this, people can wear whatever they would like to upon arriving to their massage however keep in mind that something loose-fitting and comfortable is best if you choose to leave it on.

What Should You Expect?

Here is some more information on what to expect at your first massage session. First, our massage therapists are taught to be very professional, and always act in a professional and courteous manner to clients. Your comfort level is always respected, as well as maintaining privacy and dignity throughout the session. Everything is explained and your consent is asked prior to the session start. The therapist will always knock on the door prior to entering the room in order to be sure you are ready.

Getting Set Up In The Room

Massage What to ExpectYou can expect your massage therapist to greet you and take you to the room where your massage session will be performed. Prior to undressing and laying down on the massage table, the massage therapist will talk with you for a few minutes. He or she may ask you questions about what brings you in, areas of your body that you feel are tight, your past medical history, your preference of pressure or technique to be used for your massage session and any areas of focus or areas you would like to have skipped on your body. You can feel free to ask any questions you have during this time as well. Next, your massage therapist will direct you on what position to begin in and show you the massage station or table. He or she will leave the room while you undress to your comfort level and position yourself underneath the sheets. The massage therapists are very professional and use newly laundered sheets with each individual. Cleanliness is a must for our massage therapists, and they wash their hands thoroughly before and after each session as well as maintain a clean and professional appearance.

During The Massage

Massage AppointmentDuring your massage, your therapist will check in with you on how you are feeling and ask about the pressure and technique they are using to ensure that you are pleased. He or she may have you turn face up or face down during the massage, and will keep you covered with the sheet during this transition. You should feel comfortable to report if there is too little or too much pressure as well as any sensations you experience. Depending on what type of massage you are receiving and the goals of the massage, you may feel different sensations. You may begin to feel relaxed and even fall asleep. You may feel areas of tightness or soreness as the technique is applied.

When The Massage Is Completed

After the massage is completed, the massage therapist will tell you that the massage is over and exit the room for you to have privacy while you transition off of the massage table and get dressed back into your clothing. The therapist will knock on the door, and recap with you on how you are feeling post-massage. He or she may recommend for you to drink plenty of water that day and discuss with you what you may feel afterwards. It is not uncommon for people to feel a bit sore after a massage. He or she will then escort you to the area to check out and pay for your massage session at the end. This completes your first massage session!

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