A career as a massage therapist is very rewarding and and impactful as each day you are helping people to thrive in their life. When you become a massage therapist you have the option of being your own boss. Having your own massage therapy business is very exciting and there are many benefits to going this route. Here are some tips for starting your own business as a massage therapist.

5 Tips For Starting A Massage Therapy Business:

Write a business plan

This may sound obvious, but a well thought out business plan can really help you determine the logistics of your own business. This plan should be comprehensive and it can also be fluid, meaning you may change or update it as needed. There are online business plan templates and mentors available to help you.

Determine your “niche”

It is often helpful to have a particular niche or specialty in order to set you apart from the other massage therapists out there. When you went through the path to become a massage therapist you learned certain techniques. Think about what techniques you are passionate about or what target market or clientele you prefer to work with.

Be genuine and provide excellent customer service.

People want to be cared for, and appreciate seeing a professional that truly cares about them and wants to help them reach their goals. The better the customer service, the more people will feel like you are “their” massage therapist for whatever may come about.

Build a referral network.

Connect with other people in the healthcare profession in your area such as a physical therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor and medical doctor. Get to know them and let them know more about you; have open conversations about referring clients back and forth in order to most benefit them.

Follow your vision and ask for help.

What type of business and business owner do you want to be? A true vision for yourself, your business and your intention is important. Trust yourself and stay the course. Ask for help when you need it, and know that there are many resources out there to help you be successful. A business mentor can be a key component to your success.

A career as an entrepreneur AND massage therapist is possible and you can do it!

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