Sports massage therapy is a type of massage therapy that is used for a particular athlete or in regards to a certain sport. This can be helpful either before, during or after a game or competition in the sport. The effects of this type of massage can be helpful to improve muscle flexibility, blood-flow and circulation, and may even help with the healing process.

Why Does Massage Therapy Help?

The demands of certain sports can affect muscular function and/or the muscle may be subjected to overuse, strengthening, and may get tight, tense or sore. Regular sports massages in the off-season can greatly improve the ability of the athlete to succeed. The massages are often very helpful during the sports season as well. If there is a muscular strain or micro-injury, then the massage can actually help to decrease the pain and dysfunction associated with this. The increased blood flow and decrease spasming/tightness of the muscle may allow the athlete to return more quickly to their competition or games.

Sports massage therapy is often performed as a deeper technique; however it may be individualized to the particular needs of the athlete. The massage therapist is often very specific with the anatomy of the muscles that need worked on. The subjective report of the athlete is very important to determine which muscles need particular massage therapy techniques. For example, volleyball players often need sports massage therapy for their shoulders in particular due to the repetitive shoulder muscle usage.

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