Postnatal recovery refers to the recovery of a woman after giving birth. There are considerations for this time period, and massage therapy can help with this recovery process*. Postnatal massage therapy can improve pain, decrease swelling, and even help to decrease stress, anxiety and depression.

Massage is very effective in reducing pain in the body. In particular, massage can help decrease muscle strain, spasms, tightness in areas such as the lower back or legs. It can also decrease joint pain that may be common after pregnancy.

The effects of massage can decrease cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone. Decreased cortisol and increased melatonin can affect the circadian rhythms thus improving sleep cycles as well. This means improved sleep, which is so important for our body to rest and rejuvenate. Many new mothers or fathers notice that their sleep is affected, and massage therapy can be a helpful solution.

Massage therapy can also improve a person’s ability to sense their body. One’s proprioception, “where the body is in space,” as well as the sensations such as touch and pain, can be improved with massage. This is particularly helpful due to all the changes that one experiences during and after pregnancy. Postnatal recovery massage therapy can be a helpful tool to help your body not only decrease any pain or swelling that comes with giving birth, but also help alleviate with anxiety and depression.

*We recommend consulting your doctor prior to scheduling a postnatal massage

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