As previously noted in the blog titled “Sports Massage: The Basics“, this technique would benefit active clients who want to help relieve pain due to muscular strain or a specific injury. There are many injuries or issues that sports massage could help with. In particular, we will discuss sports massage therapy and its use for treatment of tennis elbow.

First, let us define tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a condition in which the outside of the elbow is painful, and can also known as “lateral epicondylitis.” Tennis elbow is often related to tightness in the forearm muscles, which insert on the outside of the elbow. This can be caused by repetitive gripping, wrist extension, or other movements of hand and wrist complexes. Tennis elbow can be very painful, and often-times affects people in terms of their daily activities. The tendons of the forearm extensor muscles can experience microtears or irritation, as well as changes in the health of the tendon fibers.

How Does Sports Massage Help Tennis Elbow?

Often, sports massage therapy for tennis elbow is beneficial for multiple reasons. One technique is deep friction massage applied to the tendon itself. This will help to remodel the tendon fibers and improve the healing and health of the tendon. Also, massage therapy for the forearm, hand, upper arm and even shoulders and neck will aid in improving the flexibility and mobility for that client. This will allow for improved range of motion and allow that person to achieve proper alignment and posture as well. These are all very helpful for an overall relief of pain and improved function of the elbow and arm.

Lastly, massage therapy can increase blood flow, decrease edema and swelling, improve immune function and healing capacity of the body. This can also decrease stress and anxiety that is often related to an injury or painful area of the body. Consider sports massage for tennis elbow!

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