There are thought to be many pressure points throughout the body. One area of particular importance is the hand. There are many sensitive areas of the hand as well as particular points that are considered to relate to other regions of the body. When these points are firmly pressed, in a technique called hand massage, it can help to reduce pain and other ailments.

How is Pressure Point Therapy used in Hand Massage?

Here are some examples of the points on the hand and what they correspond with. The point between the thumb and first finger is considered to help relieve pain and headaches. The base of the hand on the pinky-side (between pinky and ring fingers) is thought to help ease depression or anxiety. On the outside of the and, just below the pinky finger, the point is thought to help relieve neck pain and earaches.

Many areas of the hand also have muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Because many people use their hands in daily activities, such as typing and gripping, these areas of the hands may feel sore or tight. Some people also have arthritis in their hands that may cause pain or stiffness. Hand massages and pressure point releasing are often very helpful in relieving symptoms and very appreciated by the client!

In addition to hand massage, there are many different types of pressure point therapy which can help relieve specific areas such as your head, congestion, stiff neck, and more. Massage therapists at The Professional Massage Academy are trained in pressure point therapy and can identify if it is a recommended technique for any specific pain a client might have.

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