What is Reflexology Massage?

Reflexology is considered the use of targeted pressure points and particular reflexology points on the body. The overall effect can be to restore the overall flow of energy in the body, improve the effectiveness of the body’s innate healing, stimulate certain areas of the body, or relieve pain, pressure, stiffness, and restore balance and harmony.

Massage therapy is performed on muscles and tissues in the body in order to aid in certain ways as well. Generally, massage therapy helps with circulation, decreasing tightness or tension in muscles, relieving pain or soreness, general relaxation and immune system responses.

Reflexology Massage vs. Massage Therapy

There are some similarities with reflexology and massage therapy techniques and there are also differences. One must determine their goal in seeking one or the other, and ask questions to decide which may be most appropriate. Maybe both!

The massage therapist and reflexologist will also be able to determine what aspects they can potentially help the person with, as well as refer them as needed. There are also certain techniques that seem to help certain people versus others. We are all different, therefore it is good to have a goal in mind for what you want or need and also try certain techniques or practitioners to determine what fits best for what you need.

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