Tension is a common complaint. We can feel tension in various parts of our bodies and related to various reasons or sources of tension. Often, people feel tension in their neck, shoulders, jaw, low back and hips. This can be of differing degrees from a low-grade annoyance to debilitating discomfort or pain. Massage therapy can help to relieve tension and help get us back to living life to its fullest.

How to Relieve Tension with Massage Therapy

Sources of tension can be from muscle tightness, pain, or even stress. When muscles are tight they can pull on various structures making the body feel tense, stiff, or uncomfortable and even painful. There can also be “knots” or trigger points in the muscles that can cause those same sensations. Massage therapy can help to improve muscle tightness, relax and release trigger points, and improve the flexibility of the muscles.

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Stress itself can be a source of tension in our bodies. When people feel stressed, they often subconsciously tense up in certain areas of the body. There are also theories that stress and trauma can actually manifest as tension or differing symptoms in the body. This is the idea that we can “hold stress in our body.” Massage therapy can help to decrease the symptoms of stress, support our immune function and get us out of the stressful “fight or flight” response related to stress. This has effects on cortisol levels and can also affect our mood as well.

If you or someone you know is experiencing tension, make an appointment to see a massage therapist today. If you are considering a career as a Massage Therapist, know that you will be able to help people every day to release tension, stress, pain. This is very valuable!