It is important to communicate with your massage therapist prior to the massage in order to ensure you are on the same page. The massage therapist may ask you questions prior, and you are encouraged to expand on the information or ask questions as well. Here are some essential components to touch on prior to your massage.

What To Tell Your Massage Therapist

What is your past medical history and are you on any medications?

This is important to convey because certain medical conditions or history may indicate certain techniques or there may be contraindications to certain techniques based on your particular history. Certain medications may have a potential effect on your body and your reaction to the massage. For example, some medications may cause bruising more easily; therefore, a gentler massage may be better.

What brings you in today for your massage?

This is valuable information, as some people go for a massage because they have pain they’d like to get rid of while others may want a massage to help ease stress and relax. The reason someone came in for a massage helps the massage therapist to know the expectation and considerations for the session.

What kind of massage do you want?

There are many different types of massage therapy, and it is helpful if you do know what type you are looking for. See this previous blog to learn more about the differences in massage therapy techniques HERE. If you are not sure what type of massage you would like, that is okay too! Your massage therapist will be able to educate you and help to determine the best fit for you.

How often should I get a massage?

There are many differing frequencies of massage therapy therapy — some people would benefit from a weekly massage while others once a month or every couple months. How often you receive a massage helps the therapist to understand your situation as well as advise you going forward.  Read more in our previous blog.

Lastly, any other information that you feel would be helpful to the massage therapist is appreciated. The more open the communication at the beginning, the better! Feel free to ask questions or voice concerns as well — the goal is a fabulous experience.

Watch our video on the benefits of massage therapy HERE.

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