Massage therapy is a great way to reduce stress and feel more relaxed, but there are also many benefits it has on your physical health as well.

How Can Massage Therapy Help My Physical Health?

Injury Prevention

Massage therapy can be a staple to injury prevention in that it improves the overall function of the body systems. When the body is functioning at its full potential, then we are less likely to get injured.

Improve posture and alignment

By decreasing muscle tightness and restrictions, our posture and alignment of our joints can thus be more readily available. This means we will be able to hold our body in the proper position and not have to fight gravity as hard!

Helps you recover faster from workouts

When we have difficult workouts our muscles can develop what is called “delayed onset muscle soreness” – aka, “DOMS.” DOMS is due to the microtears to the muscles that occur as we are strengthening and is normal. With that, massage therapy can help alleviate and shorten the effects of DOMS. That means feeling less sore and able to recover faster.


Improved flexibility and range of motion

When muscles are able to elongate and stretch, the flexibility and range of motion improves in our body. Massage therapy techniques target these muscles that need assistance and provide results that are noticeable.


Allow you to move with ease

With improved muscle flexibility, range of motion, and more supple tissues the body is able to move more easily and with less restriction. Thus, after massages the client will notice a freedom of movement that he or she did not have before.

Relieves pain and soreness

Massage therapy helps to decrease pain and soreness in our physical body. There are targeted techniques for particular issues, and overall relief is often a goal. This can be achieved for both acute as well as chronic conditions that involve pain or discomfort.

The effects of massage therapy on our physical body can be very profound! Often the more consistent a person is with getting massages, the more results they will start to see. Massage therapy is an excellent idea for all of the reasons above, and a profession in which you get to help people feel better and live a healthier lifestyle.

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