Massage therapy produces numerous benefits, but many people have never experienced a massage before. We set the record straight on some “myths” that exist out there regarding massage, and the truth may actually surprise you!

Myth #1: Massages are only meant for people who are having pain.

Fact: There are many reasons to get a massage, and to relieve pain is only one of those. Massage can prevent issues or pain in the future, as well as help with overall health and wellness.

Myth #2: After a massage a person will certainly be sore.

Fact: Many massage techniques will not cause soreness, especially if meant to be gentle and relaxing. There are times when someone may be sore after a massage, especially if deep pressure is applied – however the type of massage warranted would be discussed with the client and consent given.

Myth #3: I must be nude when I receive my massage.

Fact: The client may choose the amount of clothing they feel comfortable removing, and thus can stay fully clothed for their massage as desired. The client will always be draped under sheets, with their modesty and privacy being respected. The client will never have their private parts exposed or fully nude.

Myth #4: Someone who is pregnant should not get a massage.

Fact: Massage therapy is safe to get during pregnancy, and can actually help in many ways such as decreasing stress and soreness, increasing circulation and immune boosting. The massage therapist can guide the client on possible positions of comfort that may work better as the belly (and baby!) is progressing. While massage therapy is safe during pregnancy, please consult with your medical doctor beforehand to ensure it is a safe option for you.

Myth #5: I can’t get a massage if I can’t lay flat on my stomach.

Fact: There are many options for finding the right body positions for someone during their massage. Your therapist will guide you in possibilities of being supine (on your back), sidelying, and the use of props or pillows if you can not lay flat on your stomach.

If you have any questions about these common massage myths, your massage therapist will be able to answer any concerns you have in detail!

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