“Self-massage” refers to techniques that someone can perform on themselves in order to massage areas of their own body. There are many types of self massage techniques that can be employed. There also can be varying levels of depth to the techniques as well as different reasoning to perform them. People who employ self-massage techniques tend to find it very helpful in relieving pain, reducing stress and keeping tightness out of their muscles and body tissue.

How Are Self Massage Techniques Performed?

Self massage techniques can be performed lightly with long stroking-type movements, such as an effleurage massage. This can be helpful for areas of the body that feel tight or sore, as well as areas that tend to be prone to us holding stress. Some examples are the neck and shoulder muscles, low back and hip or thigh muscles.

Deeper techniques can be helpful in areas of muscle spasm or tight “knots” in the muscle. One can use their heel of the hand or fist in order to apply deeper pressure. If a tight spot is felt, you can either have deep pressure up and down along it or hold pressure on the area pressing down for about 90 seconds until it releases. This technique is helpful for areas such as the calf, hamstrings and pec muscles.

All of these techniques can be performed at any time, in the comfort of one’s own home. With that, when you are unsure which technique to use or why it is helpful to go see a Massage therapist for help and guidance. There are also areas of the body that are difficult to self-massage, such as the mid back, low back and posterior aspect of the body – we can’t always reach those areas! Also, it is always good to consult a professional in order to determine which areas are safe to self-massage. Of course, let pain also be your guide – we never want to cause more pain or injury in an area that is already sore or irritated. Consult your massage therapist today!

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