Massage therapy is helpful for many ailments and conditions, as it can help to eliminate pain, relax muscles, and help with immune function. With that, people with sensitive skin may wonder if a massage is ok for them based on their particular skin condition. There are some considerations for people with skin concerns going in for a massage. Usually, the massage therapist will be able to accommodate to any clients needs. Generally speaking, massage is very good for the skin organ in the body.

If I Have Sensitive Skin, What Should I Consider?

The first consideration if you have sensitive skin is to be sure that you discuss with your massage therapist if you have any concerns. It is important to let your therapist know that you have sensitive skin, and where in particular you are affected with this. The therapist can always avoid this area completely as well.

Some oils or lotions are more abrasive and less effective for use on sensitive areas of the skin. There are certain lotions that are made especially for sensitive skin, and do not have harsh chemicals or irritants. It is good to discuss this with your massage therapist when you call to schedule. This allows you to be sure they have the proper lotion available when you arrive for your massage.

What Can I Expect From My Massage Therapist?

Your massage therapist will also use certain techniques for the sensitive areas of skin that are lighter and not as deep or aggressive. It is important to always communicate how you are feeling and if the pressure is ok during the massage. If there is an active infection or open wounds on the skin, inform your massage therapist. This way, they can avoid these areas or you could postpone the massage until it has healed.

It is always important to consult your Medical Doctor regarding your skin and if massage therapy is recommended for you. If there is a diagnosis associated with the skin condition, this is good information for your massage therapist to know as well.

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