Anxiety is very prevalent in our society, and is on the rise. Many Americans suffer from anxiety disorders and this can affect their quality of life. An anxiety disorder is diagnosed by certain factors. Generally, it is when the amount of anxiety is beyond what the person can control or handle.

Anxiety Symptoms

Unfortunately, people with an anxiety disorder can experience symptoms without any known stressors. They are also more likely to have their symptoms get “out of control.” People can experience different symptoms or feelings related to the “fight, flight or freeze” stress responses. Some common symptoms of anxiety are: sleeping difficulty, muscle tension, irritability, worry, nausea – just to name a few.

How Massage Therapy Can Help

Massage therapy can be helpful in many ways to decrease symptoms related to anxiety. For example, massage therapy can help you achieve improved sleep by reducing cortisol (the stress hormone), decreasing physical pain, elevating mood by increased endorphins and “good hormones,” and promoting relaxation.

The Immune System

Massage therapy can also help to improve or promote our immune system response. This is helpful so that our systems are working optimally. Anxiety can also be linked to issues with cortisol that may affect our immune system. Not to mention, when we feel ill we often feel more symptoms related to anxiety.

Relaxing the Body

Massage therapy can help to relax our mind and body, but did you know it also can help our organs, such as our heart? As massage is relaxing, it is seen to decrease our heart rate and lower our blood pressure. This will help the “racing heart” and “fight or flight response” that can be linked to anxiety. It allows us to get into the “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous system. This is where our body and organs can rest more. They don’t have to be “on” to the same degree.

Contact Your Medical Doctor

As with any serious medical condition or mental health issue, It is recommended to see your Medical Doctor. Especially if you are experiencing these or other symptoms related to anxiety. You should discuss options as well as massage therapy with your Doctor. This way you can develop a plan for you specifically.

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