Heart health is an important aspect of one’s overall health, and there are many ways in which we can promote this. You have probably already heard about a healthy diet with proper nutrition and aerobic exercise for achieving adequate heart health. But did you know that massage therapy can improve or affect one’s heart health as well?

How Massage Therapy Can Improve Heart Health

Massage therapy has effects on many organs and organ systems in our body. In terms of our heart, it can help to improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and decrease heart rate.

With these improvements, the heart can work more easily and efficiently to do its job for us. This can also help to alleviate emotional and even physical symptoms. Massage therapy can also decrease stress and our stress-response, which helps our heart health. These effects are especially important if you have circulation issues. High blood pressure or a heart rate out of normal range are also risk concerns. With that, ANYONE can benefit from these heart-healthy effects!

Ask Your Doctor

As with anything, please contact your Medical Doctor to discuss if massage therapy is right for you given your unique healthy history and circumstances. Consistent massage therapy is a great tool and resource for you and your loved ones to choose in order to stay happy, healthy and functioning at optimal capacity!

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