Chair massage is a type of massage therapy that is performed on clients while they are in the seated position. The chair is often a particular massage therapy portable chair with face and head support that the client can comfortably sit or kneel on.

Client Benefits:

Chair massages can be beneficial to the client and massage therapist. For example, clients who do not tolerate laying down, but are able to sit comfortably, may prefer this position. There are also certain conditions in which people may be better served in the seated position. For example, clients with certain breathing conditions may not feel comfortable laying down.

Massage Therapist Benefits:

Chair massages can also be beneficial to the massage therapist. Think, chair massages on the beach! This allows for providing massage therapy services in different environments, due to the nature of the chair massages being easy to move and set up in multiple locations. Often, chair massages are performed for a shorter amount of time than regular massages on tables. They can also be a bit easier to perform with proper ergonomics for the massage therapists, as long as they are able to use their legs and maintain good body mechanics.

Consider chair massage as a client or massage therapist today!