As we approach March we are thinking of Spring and getting excited for warmer weather and spring-time activities. However, in many parts of the country there will still be snowstorms and Winter weather for a bit longer. Massage therapy can be very helpful as a treatment to get us through the Winter feeling our best. Here are some reasons why it’s a great idea to get regular massage therapy in the Winter.

1. Improved mood.

Massage therapy can elevate your endorphins and potentially improve your mood. This helps with those “winter blues” that can attempt to get us down.

2. Improved circulation.

The winter months can cause poor circulation and cold limbs, especially feet and hands. Massage therapy can help to combat these issues and increase blood flow.

3. Decrease tightness.

When it’s cold outside our bodies can tighten up to subconsciously react to this. Massage can help to decrease tight muscles and alleviate soreness and pain.

4. Help immunity.

Massage therapy has been shown to improve our immune system function and allow us to fight off disease and illness. Especially during the Winter with cold and flu season rampant, massage is a major benefit.