Massage Therapy Program

The Professional Massage Academy Online is a revolutionary massage therapy program that combines an online massage therapy school with in-person training. This allows students the flexibility to learn at their own pace. The program is western based in theory and application; however, the program does give introductory theory and applications of eastern modalities and skills.

Massage Therapy courses include theory as well as demonstration and practical application techniques that are necessary to perform professional massage services with confidence. 

How Does The Massage Therapy Online Program Work?

PMA Hybrid utilizes Milady nationally approved curriculum. It uses the same curricula that is in the textbooks, with the same quizzes and exams. It also allows for personalization of training based on the student’s interests. Milady Online Curriculum tracks all time spent, quizzes and grades.

How Will I Receive Hands-On Massage Therapy Training?

The hands-on portion of training will occur in 4-6 student groups at convenient locations around the Twin Cities metro area. Students will be allowed to sign up for training once they have completed the required hours and passed the required exams to attend the hands-on session. Externships will be held at convenient locations across the state of Minnesota. After completing the 500-hour classroom portion, a 100-hour externship will be required to complete the program. A minimum of 6 practicals will be done before providing massages on the public. The exam will be supervised by the PMA Instructor and after every 25 massage hours a practical will be required to assess body mechanics, draping, and overall skill.