The Professional Massage Academy allowed me to gain the skills I needed to be recognized as a reputable massage therapist. I gain more and more clients week after week. Without the flexibility and convenience of being able to learn online to reach a goal each week, at the times most convenient to me, I’m not sure if it would have been possible as a full time mother and wife to complete any other massage course. PMA offered me that flexibility and convenience. PMA truly stands by its name, by being a professional massage academy.

Methaporn Boonsamai

I have nothing but amazement for my experience with PMA. When I first heard about the online format, I had that, “this is too good to be true” instinct. I had previous, limited massage training and had been looking for a program where I could complete my hours in an expedited format,and PMA let me do just that.

Jason was extremely helpful and supportive of my goals for myself in the program and let me set my own pace. From the initial contact with admissions, learning how to enroll, and setting up the payment plan, the whole PMA team really sets you up for success. And they’ll come to you for the hands on portion of training! Plus – the externship with Massage Envy gets you right to work with the extra benefit of continued training. Too good? True!   

Christine W.

PMA did an amazing job at teaching me the in’s and out’s of the massage industry, along with teaching me the skills I would need to thrive in it. I currently work at Massage Envy and already my first week I was forming a returning client base! Thank you PMA for helping me learn the skills I needed for becoming a thriving massage therapist!

Natalie K.

I love that PMA is such an affordable program that doesn’t take 4 years to complete. They show you all the things you need to know to begin as a massage therapist. They never fail to push you to do your best. 

Christina H.

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What Employers Are Saying

We love working with PMA. We appreciate the graduates’ adaptive nature and willingness to learn. We have gotten amazing graduates with skills above our expectations. The graduates have proven dependability and perseverance. We look forward to a continued successful partnership with PMA! 

Massage Envy - Rogers, MN

We are excited to see the innovative educational approach PMA has brought to the massage industry. The combination of online courses and strong hands-on training provides a more flexible option to students at a much lower cost than a traditional school program.  PMA graduates are well prepared to begin their career as an accomplished massage professional.

Therapeutic Massage Clinic Owner

PMA is a great option for people that are looking to start a new career.  While training at our clinic, the student was able to gain valuable experience in seeing first hand what a typical day looked like and interact with our team.

The PMA Instructor was professional, organized, detailed, and knowledgeable. He interacted with my staff and the student with utmost respect at all times. During the training he demonstrated patience and was praised by my team for thoroughness and professionalism.  My lead therapist even picked up a few tips to use when training our therapists.

We look forward to being part of the development and success of future PMA students!

Debbie, Massage Clinic Owner

PMA has allowed me to increase the number of therapists I have by 9 in less then a year. The students come to work with a great attitude and professionalism and exceed expectations as far as their massage skills are concerned. PMA has been a great addition to the massage industry in Minnesota.
Massage Envy Manager

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