Low back pain is one of the most common complaints among Americans, and there is a large population who experience disability and miss out on life due to low back pain. Pressure point therapy is a very valuable technique to treat low back pain and discomfort related to muscle tightness and trigger points.

Low Back Pain Causes

There are several causes of low back pain. Low back pain can be caused from poor posture, too much sitting, lack of movement and stretching or other reasons related to strains and injuries. In any case, when the muscles in the low back get tight and restricted then this can become a problem. That is when massage therapy can help!

Often, the key muscles that are tight or affected that relate to low back pain are located in the lower back, abdominal region, or legs. A few muscles in particular in the low back are named the quadratus lumborum, erector spinae or multifidi muscles. The muscles in the front or abdominal region that are often tight are the psoas, iliacus (aka iliopsoas muscle), abdominal muscles or interosseous muscles between the ribs. The lower body muscles that are often tight related to low back pain are the gluteal, piriformis, quadriceps, and hamstring muscles. Pressure point therapy can be performed on all of the aforementioned muscles, and works very well to release them.

Pressure Point Therapy For Low Back Pain

Pressure point therapy for low back pain can be used as a solo technique as well as combined with other techniques. This kind of therapy is often combined with techniques such as effleurage, stretching and petrissage massage therapy in order to achieve the most optimal results. Pressure point therapy to treat low back pain often produces results such as a decrease in pain or discomfort, improved range of motion or flexibility, improved function and even a more proper posture.

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