There are certain circumstances when it it advised to avoid massage therapy. We will discuss these circumstances below, in detail. Generally, please discuss with your Doctor as needed if you are wondering whether massage therapy is advised for you if you have serious medical conditions. You can also talk to a Massage Therapist directly prior to scheduling in order to determine if this is the right route for you.

When Should I Avoid Massage Therapy?

If you are ill, please do not get a massage. This means when you are actively ill or still considered contagious. No one wants to be exposed to or possibly transmit the illness to other people. If you are no longer contagious, a massage may be advised. Massages can improve the immune system response, thus helping to fight off illnesses in the future.

If you have skin rashes or a sunburn then you should not get a massage. The skin rashes that are contagious or sensitive should not be massaged. A sunburn is also contraindicated for massage therapy, and the sunburn should be healed first.

If you have uncontrolled inflammation you may not want to get a massage. The massage may actually increase the inflammation due to the pressure applied and the possibility for increased circulation of inflammatory markers. It is good to control the inflammation first prior to scheduling a massage.

If you have pain of an unknown origin, massage therapy may not be indicated. The origin of pain should be diagnosed so that a proper plan can be put in place. The pain should not be masked by massage in the case there is a need for a more serious medical condition to be diagnosed and addressed.

Overall, massage therapy is a safe and healthy way for people to feel their best. There are some instances discussed above when a person should not get a massage, and if any other questions exist please contact your Massage Therapist or Medical Doctor for more recommendations.

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