There are many different massage therapy techniques that can be applied to the client, and this depends on what the goal or outcome of the massage is. The gentler and lighter pressure massage techniques such as effleurage may not produce any soreness; however, deep tissue techniques may produce a decent amount of post-massage soreness. It is often common to be a bit sore after a massage, however acute pain or soreness lasting multiple days afterward is not a normal response.

Sore After Massage: Causes & Ways To Alleviate Soreness

The main reason why a person experiences muscle soreness after a massage is because of the muscle work that has just been performed. The soft tissues and muscles have been manipulated to break down adhesions and knots, therefore healing muscle soreness afterwards. This soreness should subside within a day or so, and you can apply ice to the area or take an epsom salt bath to improve the soreness level as needed. It is helpful to make sure you are sufficiently hydrated before and after a massage as well.

Massages can also affect the function of the lymphatic system, which carries away toxins and waste from our bodies. This possible flushing out then reduction of toxins can initially affect how one feels, and may even affect the soreness level as well. Again, hydration helps rid the body of these toxins and improve the function of the lymphatic system.

Even though one may feel post-massage soreness, this is a common and normal experience. The multiple benefits of massage and the overall improvement that it can have on our body, mind and emotional well-being is helpful to remember in relation to the soreness. One can discuss their goals and expectations with their massage therapist in order to be sure the outcome is beneficial. The massage therapist will often remind the client to drink water, take an epsom salt bath, or ice as needed to reduce soreness.

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