What type of massage is the “right one” for you or your client? This depends on what the client is looking for and what may benefit their goals and/or needs in the best way. This article will summarize 5 types of massage and how to find the right one for you.

1.Sports Massage Therapy

sports massage PMA

This is very specialized for the athletic client, and often specific for that person in their sport. The massage is often tailored to meet the needs of the client via deep tissue massage and combined with stretching techniques as well. The therapist determines what muscle groups need addressed related to the particular sport, while combined with related described areas of soreness, tightness or pain. This technique would benefit active clients who want to help relieve pain due to muscular strain or a specific injury.

2. Pressure Point Massage Therapy

This massage technique is very specialized for particular points on the body that may be tight, tender or restricted. The pressure from the massage therapist is applied to that particular point, and held for a period of time in order to decrease the tightness in this point. The pressure used is usually deep pressure. This technique is effective for clients who have trigger points or key areas that need to be addressed.

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3. Swedish Massage Therapy

There are different types of Swedish massage, some very different from others. For example, with the effleurage technique it is very relaxing while friction massage is very invigorating and healing. Here is a general overview of the Swedish Massage therapy techniques:

Swedish Massage PMA

Effleurage: long, stroking movements

Petrissage: kneading technique

Percussion: use of a cupped hand

Friction: rubbing a particular area and creating friction

4. Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage PMA

Hot stones are placed on the body to enhance the effects of massage.This technique would benefit clients that are seeking to reduce pain and help with circulation and any muscle spasms. It is also a useful technique for the massage therapist to use to help prepare the body for further massage techniques.

5. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

This is deeper pressure and can include pressure point therapy techniques. This can help relieve muscle pain and increase mobility. This is non-invasive so it is a good option for clients that want to reduce pain without medication or surgical intervention.

As you now know, there are many different types of massage therapy. Hopefully you are now “in the know” about these and better informed to choose the right one for you or your client. Often, these techniques are combined during the massage to bring about the best benefit and results.