Massage therapy is a career path with a lot of benefits. One of the great parts about the nature of a career in massage therapy is that you could use it as a part-time or second career!

Massage therapy is great as a second career for many reasons, like:

Career Flexibility

Massage therapy offers flexibility in your career path AND your schedule.  Many positions are part-time and you can decide your hours.

Flexible schedules are very desirable for a new career, as you can decide what hours you would like to work and set your own schedule. Flexibility is important if you have a full-time career or a second part-time career where you need to work nights and weekends.

Schooling Convenience and Affordability

Schooling is very affordable, and you can become a massage therapist in as little as 15 weeks with The Professional Massage Academy! There are three different tracks of learning based on the amount of time you would like to dedicate to your curriculum, and this gives you options and the ability to still maintain a separate job while going to school. This means you can earn money to pay for your career while taking your courses online.

Unlike other careers that require four years to get started on their career path, a motivated individual can choose between our three tracks to find the right fit for them.

The Ability To Help People

Massage therapy is a rewarding career in which you get to work with clients and help people with their health and wellness.

Massage therapists are in a career where they get to help people to feel better, move well, and enjoy life. This is a career where you will have a rewarding experience and get to work with people every day. Being a massage therapist gives you the opportunity to really make a difference in someone’s life!

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