Currently, the state of Minnesota does not have a board to oversee the licensing of Massage Therapists while some other states have statewide licensing, such as California. There may, however, be city requirements for conducting business as a Massage Therapist.  Massage therapists in many municipalities, including St. Paul, Hopkins, and Burnsville do work under a massage therapy license.

What Do I Receive Upon Graduating from The Professional Massage Academy?

When you graduate from PMA, you are certified with a 600-hour certification, and this verifies you completed your education. To receive a city licensure, one would take your certification to the City Clerk or Officials who will verify your certification, have you take a background check, and often require a fee. After this, you are licensed in that city and you are able to perform massages. There are some cities that do not require a license, such as the city of Edina. There may still be additional requirements by the employer.

Lastly, the Alliance for Licensing Massage Therapists is a Minnesota-based organization and reports that massage therapists are required to abide by the Unlicensed Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practices Act.  The act requires Massage Therapists to provide patients with a bill of rights. This includes reporting obligations, investigations, professional accountability, prohibited conduct, disciplinary actions and client bill of rights.

The Professional Massage Academy is licensed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE), which means our curriculum has been verified as meeting the National Standard for Massage Therapy. Every graduate will be eligible to take the MBLEX, which is a national exam used in 46 states for licensure.

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