How Massage Therapy Can Benefit Circulatory Health

There are many benefits of massage therapy for one’s circulatory health. The circulatory system is responsible for the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body. This system consists of the vital organs such as the heart, blood vessels, lymphatic glands and vessels. Circulatory health is important for making sure our bodies are functioning appropriately, and when this system is impaired or not healthy it can lead to detrimental effects. Proper circulation in the body is important for overall health, and massage therapy techniques are seen to positively affect the circulatory system.

There are numerous ways in which massage therapy benefits one’s circulatory health. One of those reasons is that it increases blood flow. With the increased blood flow comes increased oxygenation in the body and tissues. Blood carries oxygen, and oxygen helps us function properly and heal well.

Another way in which massage therapy can affect this system is that massage techniques can improve lymphatic flow and drainage. This means, improved removal of toxins in the body as well as decreased stagnation of lymphatic fluids. When the lymphatic system does not function well, people may experience edema in their body and massage can improve or eliminate this. Think, less “swelling!”

These are just a few of the many reasons why massage therapy is beneficial. Seeing a massage therapist consistently can improve your overall health and wellness, and keep you feeling great!

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