Massage therapy can be very helpful for many conditions in the body,  including conditions related to the skin. People with certain conditions such as psoriasis and eczema can benefit from massage therapy. Also, some skin irritations could be increased with the use of products containing certain ingredients that are chemicals. Other more natural, simple products could be soothing and healing. Some oils naturally contain vitamin E and may be helpful and in fact anti-inflammatory to the skin. For example, avocado oil or coconut oil.

Should I Get A Massage When I Have A Sunburn?

With that, sunburns are a bit of a different story. Massage is contraindicated for someone who has sustained a sunburn. When in doubt, if the skin is damaged or irritated due to a sunburn – anything else –  then it should be avoided in a professional massage setting, as it is a local contraindication.

Massage therapy is great for many reasons; however, we need to protect our skin. If you ever have questions on whether or not a massage is indicated for you, it is always good to call and discuss with someone. The goal of the initial call is to decipher out whether a massage should be scheduled now, or wait until a later time. In terms of sunburns, they should generally be healed and not in the acute phase prior to a professional massage.

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