Pathology is defined in Wikipedia as “the study of the causes and effects of disease or injury.” The word pathology also refers to the study of disease in general. It is an important part of understanding the body, related issues, and even body symptoms and reactions related to different ailments.

How Is It Related To Massage Therapy?

Pathology is very related to the profession of massage therapy as it is important to have a sound understanding of this topic. Many clients will arrive for a massage with a particular condition and it is important to be familiar with that. It is also important to know of any precautions or contraindications related to that particular pathology, and how it relates to the massage itself.

The Professional Massage Academy curriculum includes ample education on pathology and is discussed as part of our advanced massage techniques course. This is crucial for having a great understanding of what goes on in the human body, and how massage therapy can help and how it relates. This is very important because as a massage therapist, you want to help someone and you also want to be sure to “do no harm” related to one’s particular pathology and body system.

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