Massage Therapy is often very relaxing and helps the body feel its best. After a massage, there are helpful techniques to employ in order to decrease the potential for post-massage soreness and to keep the good feelings continuing. Three tips for post massage care will be discussed below.

1. Stay hydrated.

After a massage it is important to hydrate effectively to flush out toxins and to make sure the body does not get dehydrated. It is generally recommended to drink half of one’s body weight in ounces of water in order to be sure you are properly hydrated. If you have exercised or sweated, then this recommendation may be even more. Caffeine can also be dehydrating, therefore for every one cup of caffeine you should replace it with one extra cup of water.

2. Gently stretch.

Muscles do well with gentle stretching after a massage. The stretching should be just to the beginning of a gentle stretch, nothing painful or aggressive should be felt. The stretch should be held for 30 seconds to one minute each. Do this for each muscle, and spend extra time on the muscles that were tight or sore. Active movement is another form of gentle stretching, such as dancing or light walking.

3. Heat Therapy.

The use of heat can be helpful for post massage care, as it increases blood flow to the muscles and tissue. This can help elongate the relaxing effects of the massage as well as continue to keep the muscles feeling relaxed and prevent tightness. It is important to discuss the use of heat with your massage therapist or healthcare professional, as heat is not indicated for some medical conditions. In some cases, your health care professional might recommend using ice to maximize your post massage care.

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