Over the past year, many people have found themselves working from home more often or possibly full-time due to the pandemic. Many people have dealt with the tension, soreness, or even pain from this change in ergonomic set up. This change in routine to working from home has also led many to struggle with how to keep healthy and well. Learn the top five tips for tension relief while working from home.

1. Move Around

Moving around helps to relieve your body of tension and allow your muscles to release. This could mean taking a walk at lunch-time or taking small breaks every hour at the computer/sitting. Changing positions often is very important for tension relief.

2. Stretching

There are many ways to stretch the body, and this helps to release tension in the muscles and bring about adequate blood flow. Stretching can be performed in many different positions such as: sitting, standing, and lying down.

3. Comfortable Work Environment

It’s important to have a good ergonomic set up, such as a good and supportive chair and desk. The chair should have adequate low back support, and refrain from sitting on a couch as this can cause slouching. It’s also helpful to have the desk at the right height for your body, and have a standing desk or one that can convert between sitting and standing.

4. Proper Breaks

Give yourself proper breaks throughout the day to grab food or water. It is important to stay hydrated and account for sustenance. Also a good idea to maintain regular work hours, rather than continuing to work into the evening just because you can.

5. Book Regular Massages

A great way to reduce, relieve or prevent tension in the body is to book regular massages. These regular massages will not only keep the body tension-free but can also lead to relaxation and decreasing stress.

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