There are many ways to grow your massage business so that you are helping as many people as you can! Here are six tips to help you grow your business fast and effectively.

1. Offer Loyalty Rewards and Referral Programs

People love to earn points, have a punch card, get a referral credit or discount. These are all ways that you can give people incentive to continue to come to you for consistent massage sessions as well as refer their friends and family. This will help grow your consistent client base, and fill your schedule.

2. Be Accessible!

It is important that your clients feel that you are easily accessible as needed. This means, respond to emails and voicemails quickly and make the booking process easy. If people can’t get a hold of you or easily schedule then often they will “lose steam” and not follow through. It is good to have flexible hours so people can find a time that works for them, and sometimes this means before or after work or evenings and weekends.

3. Be Consistent With Social Media

Social media is a great way to spread the word about what you do, and who you are. Depending on the target market or audience you are going for, you may choose to post to certain social media platforms that make sense to you. Some options are instagram and facebook, as these tend to reach a wide audience and can be a good place to start. Plus, it’s free! It is also important to send out monthly emails to your client base regarding specials, new offerings or reminders.

4. Create a Good Website

It is important to make a domain that is related to massage therapy and your business. You want to provide accurate and ample information, allow online booking, and show pictures of you and your working space. You may even choose to write blogs to show your expertise in massage therapy, which is a good marketing tool as well.

5. Offer Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders are key in reducing no shows and keeping your business running. You can choose to send automatic email or text reminders, as there are many software systems out there.

6. Make Your Business Unique!

Figure out your “niche” and what you offer that other massage therapists may not. Market to your strengths and let your clients know how you differ. For example, this could be that you offer a certain convenient or special location, price, speed of getting in for an appointment, kind customer service, or that you offer specific types of unique massage.

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