There are a plethora of massage therapy techniques available to choose from, and often it is based on the needs of the client. The most important part of the time with the client before the massage is to figure out their needs. There are certain techniques and advanced techniques that a massage therapist may incorporate based on this.

Lymph Massage

For example, if a client has swelling or noticeable edema in their body then the massage therapist may choose to employ lymph massage aka “lymphedema” massage. This is a gentle and specific technique that can help to decrease the swelling. It also improves the ability of the lymphatic system to function well in the body.

Trigger Point Massage

Another advanced technique is trigger point massage. This is specific and can be applied to the trigger points specifically to help release these tight areas of the muscle. To read more about trigger points, see Trigger points and massage therapy.

Myofascial Techniques

Myofascial techniques are also advanced techniques that are specifically used when there is restriction in the fascial layers. This happens between the skin and the muscles. The techniques are often gentle and applied specifically, such as skin rolling. This is where the therapist rolls the skin and fascia underneath their fingertips to help release it.

Many of these techniques can be incorporated into massages along with other more commonly used techniques, such as effleurage. This is a type of massage that can be long, flowing strokes that are rather relaxing and light pressure. Effleurage is a great technique to use in between these other advanced techniques or to begin or end a session.

At the Professional Massage Academy, we teach a wide variety of massage techniques. Our students are equipped with the tools they need to become great massage therapists. Incorporating different techniques is a way to help yourself improve. It also helps to utilize different parts of your body to keep from massage therapist fatigue and soreness.

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