Being in the present moment can help us to enjoy life and not worry as much about the past or future. There is great research that supports the importance of being present, and here are a few ways to prioritize presence in your life.

1. Listen to your body.

Taking the time to check in with our physical body is a great way to be present with our sensations. This self-check can allow us the time and space to touch base with how our body is feeling and observe our senses.

2. Disconnect from technology.

These days, technology is all around us and many of us use our cell phones daily or even by the minute. It can seem difficult to disconnect and get away from the constant buzzing of technology from our cell phones and computers. It is helpful to disconnect with technology for periods of time in order to focus more on being present. During this disconnect, take a walk outside or do a task you have been meaning to accomplish to stay in touch with the world around you and your daily life goals.

3. Meditate

Meditation is a great technique to quiet the mind and allow our body and brain to rest and relax. This gets us out of the constant state of stress (good or bad stress), and our nervous system can “rest and digest” and calm down. This is essential for us to be more present.

4. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a wonderful way to become more present. It allows us to listen to our bodies, disconnect from technology and rest our mind and physical body. The relaxation response that is often elicited by massage can last well beyond the actual massage session, and keep us in the present moment with our friends and family as well.

5. Self-Reflection.

Looking at our day and the things happening around us allow us the time to self-reflect. This conscious awareness of events and situations that happen allow us to be present. This also gives us the opportunity to decide what we want our words and actions to be, and how we would like to react to certain situations. It allows us to lead a life we are consciously creating.

6. Schedule Time for Yourself.

It is great to prioritize time for ourselves. This may be time that we spend doing something fun, or just relaxing. Schedule this time and don’t allow anything to get in the way of your time for yourself. This time is important for you to be more grounded, happy, healthy and present for self and others.

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