Meditation and massage therapy are similar in that they get you into a relaxed and restful mindset. This “rest and digest” state of mind is helpful for our brain to be able to unwind and be less stressed. Our nervous system benefits from this relaxation response greatly. The benefits are endless, but to name a few are: being able to be more present, improved sleep, decreased heart rate and decreased stress response.

First Steps To Meditation

Meditation can be accomplished by anyone, and in literally any situation or body position. The idea is to take a moment to breathe and be in the present moment. Some people like to close their eyes or have them softly opened. Some people like to listen to a guided meditation, while others like it quiet. For beginners, a helpful way to do it is to focus on taking deep breaths and being aware of one’s breath cycle in and out. Meditation is best to perform regularly, so even a few minutes every day can make a big difference. Meditation benefits come from regular and consistent meditation.

Massage and Meditation

A relaxing massage would be one of the best types of massage to replicate the effects of meditation. There are many techniques that a massage therapist can employ to achieve the desired effect, but a common one is called effleurage. This is a gentle technique with long, rhythmic strokes being used. Creating a relaxing, calm, and quiet environment for the client will also help achieve relaxation. Consistent massages can also help to elicit more restful and relaxed mindsets, thus anywhere from weekly to monthly may fit the person’s goals.

Meditation and massage therapy compliment each other well, and should be a part of everyone’s wellness plan and consistent schedule. If you are feeling hesitant about how to start meditation, there are many different videos that guide you in meditation. This can make the idea of meditation much more attainable. Hopefully you can experience the meditation benefits when you start practicing!

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