There are many great ways that you can make your daily routine rich with healthy habits and activities. These items will help each day to feel fulfilled and keep you healthy and happy in the long-run as well. In no particular order, here are some healthy habits to add to your daily routine.

1. Wake Up Early and Go to Sleep Early

It is important to have a set sleep schedule and wake up at an early hour, as well as go to sleep at an early time-frame. The average person should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night, with quality sleep. Often, people will work from their bed, watch television or be on their phones or ipads from their bed and these distractions can cause a later sleep time and disrupt the sleep cycle. Keep your room and bed for sleeping only and you will feel well-rested and productive.

2. Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

There are a plethora of options for a healthy breakfast, and this is often called the most important meal of the day. Breakfast will allow you to have the energy for your day that you need. Some popular breakfast options are whole-wheat toast with avocado and a hard-boiled egg, “overnight oats,” and greek yogurt with berries.

3. Incorporate Movement or Exercise Daily

Movement and exercise in any form is essential for our physical and mental well-being. The recommendation is 20-30 minutes of exercise that gets your heart beating a bit faster (20 beats per minute faster) per day. This can be a brisk walk, a gym workout, yoga or pilates class or at-home workout.

4. Drink Water

Water is essential for our proper functioning, and we should aim to drink half of our body weight in ounces of water each day. This may seem like a lot, but most of us are not taking in enough hydration and are even dehydrated. Proper hydration can improve energy levels and body function.

5. Stretch

Stretching our muscles and moving our bodies helps to alleviate tightness or stiffness, as well as allows us to attain good flexibility to be able to function in our daily lives. Many people forget to stretch, and this is a great component to an overall healthy fitness routine. “Static” Stretching should be held for 30 seconds at a time, while “dynamic” stretching is stretching while we move. Either way, stretching should be gentle and not painful or aggressive.

6. Massage Therapy

Massage is a great way to keep us feeling happy and healthy! Massages have many benefits and are an essential routine for health and wellness. Depending on the type of massage, they can aid with elevated mood, improve sleep, decrease pain and soreness and relax us. The frequency of massage will depend on what you are going through and your goals, and the massage therapist will be able to recommend how often you should get a massage.

7. Get Outside!

Being outdoors in nature or just in general, is so helpful for many reasons. The sunshine can improve our vitamin D levels as well as keep our circadian rhythm and sleep cycles on track. The fresh air can be invigorating and uplifting and the mindfulness that often surrounds being in nature is good for our mind, body and soul.

8. Read

Reading books is a great way to relax, be entertained and engaged and even learn something new. Sometimes reading is put on the back burner to videos or television these days, but is a great way to unwind and a great routine. Reading before bedtime can help us fall asleep and decrease the blue light that we get from using our phones and TV’s.

These self care tips are healthy habits to add to your routines, and we hope you found them helpful and enlightening! The best way to keep them front of mind is to prioritize a few until they become habits. Enjoy!

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