A sports massage is a massage that is focused on certain body parts or regions related to use of the body during a sport, active endeavor or workout. Usually, this type of massage is a bit deeper pressure. It may involve other techniques such as stretching, focused trigger point work, deep tissue and/or deep friction techniques.

Know Your Client

It is helpful for the Massage Therapist to know how the person uses their body during the sport or activity. This helps inform the therapist where to focus their efforts during the massage session.

There are often more specific releases performed on tight areas. They can even be specific techniques for areas that feel injured or strained due to the sport or activity.

For example, if the client is a baseball pitcher, then the massage therapist will likely spend more time on his/her pitching shoulder, arm, elbow and forearm. They would also check the gluteal and core muscles that are used for power during pitching. It is always important for the Massage Therapist to ask questions prior to the session. This way, they can determine the desires, needs and goals of the client and to ask about priority regions to work on. The massage therapist should also touch base with the client during the massage to check in. Afterwards the therapist should check in to determine effectiveness.

Benefits of Sports Massage

There are many benefits to getting a sports massage. One can choose to get a massage before or after their sport. A client may want to get a massage a couple days before the sports game or competition in order to prepare the body for use. He or she may also choose to get the massage after the sport is performed. The massage acts as a recovery tool and to alleviate symptoms such as pain, tightness, soreness.  It is often beneficial to get massages regularly. It’s important to get massages during the sports season, as well as in the off-season.

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