The massage therapy profession allows for a wide array of opportunities for employment. There are many settings one can choose to work in – from an office setting to outdoors on a beach! A massage therapist may also choose to be self-employed or work with a team of others. This team can consist of other massage therapists or other healthcare professionals. Here are the top 5 reasons to work on a team as a massage therapist.

5. Benefits

There are often more opportunities for employment benefits when you work with a group of others. This may be insurance coverage through an employer, opportunity for company matching for retirement or 401K, paid time off, continuing education budget and other specialties paid for by the company. One may also have more opportunity to set a flexible schedule if others on the team are able to take on more clients while on vacation or enjoying their time “off.”

4. Mentorship

Working on a team can be a wonderful resource for giving and receiving mentorship. The ability to run ideas, techniques or issues by someone else on your team in order to be successful in treating clients is immeasurable. Often, newer graduates appreciate the mentorship of others with more experience and this mentorship leads to great relationships in the workplace and improved rapport with clients.

3. Referrals “in-house”

When you work on a team with other individuals there is an improved ability to refer clients to others “in house.” This means, within the same company and/or even the same facility. For example, if a client is looking for a specific massage technique like “lymph massage” then the massage therapist can help refer the client to the right person. Often, clients are very appreciative of a referral in order to find what they most need. If you are a massage therapist working with other healthcare professionals then you can all work together as a team approach to help that client get better faster.

2. Connections

Working with others provides great connections – whether that be professional connections or actual friendships formed. Connecting with another person or a group of people is often very rewarding and people enjoy the camaraderie. An enjoyable workplace with people that you care about is a gift!

1. Branding

When you are part of a team then you are part of a brand. You are identifiable and represented by that brand, which often helps with attracting clients. This brand may consist of items such as a company name, logo, marketing material, social media presence, and more. These items are time consuming and expensive to do on your own, therefore it’s a great benefit to be on a team where this is already in place.