After the massage session, there are certain questions and considerations that should be brought up to be sure quality care is given to the client. These considerations help build rapport and ensure the client feels cared for and valued.

Here are some of the top questions and considerations for a massage therapist for after the massage session is complete.

It is important to ask the client how they are feeling.

This may entail asking about any specific issues, tightness or injury they may have reported upon arrival. Also, it is good to ask about the pressure of the massage techniques during the massage as well as afterward. The therapist may also ask the client if there is anything they would want to work on next time or what else they could do to ensure the client has the best possible experience during future sessions. The therapist may ask about specific techniques they used during the session and ask about how the client tolerated it.

Certain considerations should also be discussed.

For example, the client will likely need advice on when to return for their next massage session. This may be next week or next month, depending on the recommendation by the massage therapist. The client may want to know how their body felt or the progress that was made during the session. The response may be something like, “your bicep muscle really loosened up while I was working on it” or “we may need to do more work on your back muscles next time.”

Any advice on what to do to help the client feel the effects of the massage for a longer period of time or follow up “work” is great.

Oftentimes, this is advice on drinking enough water (half your body weight in ounces per day), gentle stretching, heat, or walking later that evening. Sometimes, a massage therapist will give a referral to another healthcare provider such as a physical therapist or chiropractor if they see the need. This advice also helps to build the rapport with their client.

Lastly, make a good lasting impression after the massage session.

Let the client know you would like to work with them again and hope to see them soon. This is very helpful in making the client feel cared for, and leaves them feeling happy with the service they received.