Whether going to school for the first time, or going back to school as a second career as a massage therapist there are certain things you can do ensure success in your studies. A career as a Massage Therapist is rewarding, offers flexibility, and is attainable based on your particular needs. At The Professional Massage Academy (PMA) we offer various tracks of education based on your unique needs for timing. Here are top five tips on a successful educational experience in massage therapy school.

1. Find a dedicated study space.

This may be an office or room in your home that is quiet and tidy for your studying needs. Some people will choose to go to a library or coffee shop to study, if this fits their needs better. A dedicated space where you have full attention on learning is very important to cut back on distractions.

2. Schedule the workload on your calendar.

With online schooling, it can be tricky to find time in your day to dedicate to your studies. It is helpful to schedule classes into your week so that you know you have a certain day or time where you can be successful with learning. Some people are better learners in the morning, while others like to schedule learning for evening after other work or tasks have been completed.

3. Ask for help if you need it.

We have experienced teachers and mentors at PMA, and we are always available for questions. It is important to reach out if you need help, and not get behind in your learning or workload. Proper understanding of the content leads to better learning and sets you up for success as a Massage Therapist.

4. Be a good communicator.

While going to school or going back to school, it is important to communicate your needs and schedule with the people around you. This is helpful so that your family and friends can understand what they can and need to do to support you in this endeavor. You may have duties that you can communicate or delegate to others during this time of learning and preparing for your new career.

5. Practice your skills.

While there is an online component to the educational experience at PMA, you’ll also get hands-on experience with massage therapy. The skills are new to you, and it may take some time to practice them until you feel you have perfected your technique. Family and friends are often happy to be recruited so that you can practice your massage therapy skills on them – in fact, lucky for them!