Every massage therapist hopes to have a full schedule of clients, and especially clients that you know and have worked with before. Returning clients allow for a continued therapeutic relationship in which the massage therapist knows exactly what the clients want, and the clients trust the therapist. Here are the top five ways to garner returning clients!

5. Ask for feedback

It’s important to ask your clients for feedback during the massage as well as after the session. This is a chance for the clients to tell you what they want and need, and an opportunity for continued success. The clients may not give feedback unless they are explicitly asked, and it is greatly appreciated.

4. Listen to understand

People need to feel like they have been heard and understood, and as a massage therapist, it is a great skill to be able to listen and understand what the person is saying. A great exercise to be sure you understand what someone has said is to repeat it back to them. This will ensure clarity and understanding between you and the client.

3. Remember the details

The ability to remember the details often sets people apart. For example, if someone likes the heat high on the table warmer, a certain aromatherapy scent, or certain music being played, these are details that will make the client feel extra cared for. You may choose to write down certain details after the session in order to remember it for next appointment.

2. Availability

As you’re able to, being available for the clients is key. It’s a great idea to encourage your clients to schedule with you in advance so that they are able to get in with you for consistent sessions. Depending on the frequency of sessions, you may even want to encourage clients to get on a “regular” spot on your calendar so that they have a certain day and time each week or month. If clients aren’t able to get in a session when they need to, they may look elsewhere.

1. Act professionally

When clients seek out massage therapy services, they want to feel that they are working with a professional. This begins the moment they walk in the door and can be everything from what the environment looks like to how you’re dressed and what you say. A clean and clear space, professional attire, and appropriate conversation all matter. Clients will value the professional manner in which you perform, and this will keep them coming back due to the great standards of service.