There are many aspects of the client experience that are important, but one stands out far more than the rest. Can you guess what is the most valued reason clients return? The service that they receive. You can think of the client experience as a three-legged stool, and if you have all three legs working, the stool stands up. Those three “legs” are service, performance and cost. When one of those items is not delivered, the client may find a new massage therapist.


Unanimously, the reason that the client ends up leaving is based on a lack of service. In a recent research study performed by RBC Wealth Management, 78% of the time that a client left a firm was service related, while only 6% was cost related. This is why providing the best service experience is so important.


This service-oriented approach means that you are delivering the quality skills and techniques, as well as a relaxing environment, to the clients. The clients should feel taken care of as soon as they enter the door, and this should continue until they leave their appointments. The professional manner in which you act and the way that you project yourself and your services further increase the value that is perceived by the client. Read our blog, “Top 5 Ways to Garner Returning Clients,” for more information.


Consider focusing on the quality service you provide and the experience that your client receives. This will influence other factors of the performance, how the client views or interprets what they got out of the massage and the cost. This means you will likely be able to charge a premium rate for the service you provide, and your clients will feel that they have received the most beneficial and best massages on the market!