Becoming a massage therapist is easier than ever before through PMA, and you can choose the curriculum path that best fits your lifestyle. You can become a massage therapist in as few as 15 weeks! You may be wondering what else is necessary in order to perform massages. We will discuss the items you’ll need for your clients and yourself!

Client Care:

For client care, you’ll need a massage table or massage chair (depending on which type of massage you offer). If you are considering performing in-home massages, then get a table that is light, yet durable, and easy to transport. You may also consider a table that has a weight limit of at least 400 pounds for safety. You will need to purchase several sets of sheets and blankets, massage cream or oil, and face cradle covers. Some clients prefer soft satin sheets, while in the wintertime, flannel sheets can be warm and cozy. If you want to offer essential oils for aromatherapy, a table warmer, or any other props, such as bolsters, these are often appreciated by clients.

Personal Care:

For yourself, it’s important to be prepared with proper attire for a professional look. This may include black dress pants, comfortable closed-toe shoes, and a business casual shirt. Many massage therapists choose to have collared short sleeve shirts, as these look professional, and are easy to move in. It’s important that a massage therapist comes across as professional, clean, and put together. Many massage therapists even add a logo to their attire in order to show off their brand. You may consider layers if you work in an environment where it gets warm. Often, you’ll have the temperature on the warmer side for the client, and you may heat up as you’re performing the massage.

Depending on where you work, the establishment may provide many or all of the items listed above. Luckily, PMA supplies you with your very own massage table upon completion of the program, so you are already well on your way! If you work for yourself, you may choose to start searching for these products. There are many helpful resources out there for massage therapists. Thankfully, there is not a huge upfront investment in the items you’ll need for this career. Let’s get you started on becoming a massage therapist today!