Sports massage is specialized for each athletic client. The massage is often tailored to meet the needs of the client via deep tissue massage combined with stretching techniques. The therapist determines which muscle groups need to be addressed related to the particular sport and based on areas of soreness, tightness or pain. This technique benefits active clients who want to relieve pain due to muscular strain or a specific injury.

Injury Prevention:

Sports massage therapy can be beneficial for both prevention of injury as well as possible treatment of a current injury. Prevention of injury in sports is essential for a successful season and to allow the athlete to continue participating. Sports massage therapy will help the athlete decrease tightness in the muscles that may result in strains. It is also helpful for improved circulation, immune function and lymphatic functioning.

Injury Recovery:

If you have experienced an injury, it is always recommended to consult you medical doctor first to determine a plan and receive a diagnosis of your condition. With that, sports massage therapy is often a great technique for recovery of an injury related to muscular conditions. A few examples of these injuries include tennis elbow, calf strains and knee pain related to tendon or muscular tightness.

Consider sports massage therapy for the athlete as well as the weekend warrior. The benefits will be appreciated for each of the reasons listed above, and who knows? You may even find yourself as the massage therapist for the professional athlete that you watch on TV!