There is no doubt that people are looking for tips to achieve optimal health and a happy and healthy lifestyle, where they feel pain-free and are able to participate in the activities that they love. Here are the top five tips for optimal health and wellness. These are tips that you can employ in your lifestyle today!


1. Proper Hydration

The current recommendation for water intake is half of our body in ounces of water. This is helpful for the body systems and brain to function at top speed, as we are made of mostly water. Many people find it helpful to have a water bottle with them during the day and to be diligent about keeping track of their intake.

2. “Relaxation medicine”

This is a phrase that describes the ability to get the mind relaxed and calm. There are many ways to achieve this, and some examples are: meditation, mindfulness, visualization, deep breathing and relaxation audiofiles. Daily relaxation helps our nervous system to be able to rest and rejuvenate.\

3. Cardiovascular Exercise

It is recommended that we achieve at least 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily. This means exercise that gets our “heart muscle” pumping at more than 20 beats per minute over resting pulse rate. Some examples are biking, brisk walking, running, and dancing.

4. Regular massage therapy sessions

Massage therapy sessions can help our body and mind achieve proper function and decrease pain. There are numerous other benefits of massage such as elevated mood, improved circulation, decreased tightness and improved lymphatic drainage (which means our lymphatic system can eliminate toxins and swelling appropriately).

5. Nutrition

Eating healthy meals most of the time is important, and it is called “the rule of 80/20.” This means that 80% of the time we are eating healthy, and the other time we can allow ourselves a little leeway. Getting green leafy veggies, protein, clean carbohydrates and “good fats” are key to a healthy diet.