It is important to stand-out as a Massage therapist in order to succeed in the field. There are many ways in which one can do this. Some differentiating factors may include: quality customer service, your motto and vision, how you grow your client base, your special deals, or special qualifications and what you offer.

Quality service is extremely important in growing your business and succeeding. The way that you approach your clients, how you speak with them, the use of eye contact, listening skills, and how you make them feel are all very important to make the best experience for the client. People like to feel connected with their practitioner, as well as valued. If you build that rapport early-on, you will have a regular customer and they will likely send in their family and friends to you.

Your Motto and Vision

Your motto and vision for your practice as a massage therapist are very important. What is important for you to tell people? What is the reason you do what you do? How do you want people to feel or expect from you? It is great to write these down and even have them posted for people to see. A good business plan with a vision, mission, motto and plan in place is very helpful.

Growing Your Client Base

How you grow your client base is a very helpful aspect of your success. There are many ways to help grow your customers and clients, and having a large reach is very important. It is always great to have a waiting list of clients that are trying to get on your schedule, which means a large list of people that you serve. Offering special deals or having certain certifications, qualifications or aspects of your business that set you apart from other therapists are very helpful options. It is always important to stay true to yourself and be authentic with what you offer and who you are.

Be an Expert in the Field

Experience massages for yourself and see what you like and don’t like. This is a great way to determine those factors and incorporate those insights into your own business. For example, do you appreciate the use of aromatherapy? Is there a certain massage technique that helps you feel better or relieve pain? What did you like about your experience and how can you replicate that?

Be an expert in the field. The field of massage therapy can come with many questions and concerns from your clients. They may ask you questions about anatomy, their condition, how to help with pain or tightness and what massage technique would be best for them. These are all aspects of what you do that will be helpful to have a good grasp on. Being vigilant about your massage therapy education and learning as much as you can is a great way to set yourself apart.  If you don’t know the answer, people also appreciate the honesty with that. They appreciate it if you are able to refer them out when this is the case and/or get back to them after you have done some research about it.

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