Massage therapy provides so many amazing health benefits that many of us would benefit from getting massages more frequently. With the different types of massages – some being more gentle while others are deeper or more targeted – there may be certain time-frames to consider. There are also different frequencies advised based on the goals of the client, which can differ greatly. Let’s discuss!

Massage For Relaxation

There are many different types of massage techniques that can be used. If the massage is a gentler, light-pressure massage meant for relaxation, then this type is often recommended for multiple times a week. People may want to increase their frequency of relaxing massages, such as effleurage massage, during stressful situations. On the other hand, deeper pressure or more targeted massage techniques may need to be spaced out depending on recovery time. The client may need a few days in between based on their level of soreness before they receive the same type of massage.

Maintenance Massage

The particular goals of the client are very important in terms of how often they should get a massage. If they are in a “maintenance phase”, meaning they are at a good level of health and do not have any pain, stiffness, stress, or other issues they are working on, then once a month is a great amount.

Massage For Pain Relief

If someone has specific goals, such as to decrease pain or stiffness, then at least once a week is a good frequency because they will be able to continue to make progress rather than going backwards. If someone is dealing with stress or a stressful situation, one to two times a week or more may be a good option.

Overall, the benefits of massage therapy include helping people feeling better and achieving optimal health. The frequency of massage should be enough that the client achieves their results and feels great. Often, people do not get massage therapy frequently enough and come in when they are already feeling symptoms again. As a result, the idea is to limit the “ups and downs” in between sessions by going in on a consistent basis and listening to your body’s needs.

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