As noted in depth in deep tissue pressure point therapy, this method of massage is an effective technique for relief of muscular pain and is particularly helpful for a client who has trigger points. For example, if someone is experiencing a stiff neck then this technique is often applied. This technique is also used to relieve congestion in the face or head, which is especially helpful during “cold season.” If a person is experiencing a stuffy nose, sinus pressure, or even a headache then pressure point therapy is a go-to technique.

Pressure Point Therapy Helps Relieve Congestion

Often, pressure point therapy to relieve congestion works well over your sinuses. Your sinuses are air-filled spaces of your skull and face that are considered part of your respiratory tract. There are sinuses in your forehead, cheekbones and behind your nose.

This massage method to relieve congestion consists of using the pressure of your fingertips to press certain regions for approximately three minutes.

3 Places To Utilize Pressure Point Therapy to Relieve Congestion

  1. Base of the nose: this helps to open up the sinuses.
  2. The eyebrow: there are two areas on the eyebrow that can help with congestion relief:
    • Use your finger and thumb to give pressure and “pinch” your inner eyebrow
    • Just to the inside and top of the eyebrow is another good region
  3. Below your cheekbone

The person receiving the therapy to relieve their congestion may experience a feeling of pressure during the technique. As this technique is applied further, he or she may begin to feel that the congestion lessens. It may cause the sinuses to “open up” and allow it to expel the flow of what was causing the congestion. Overall, this may relieve their symptoms of stuffy nose, sinus congestion or pressure, or even a headache. This can be especially helpful when symptoms are occurring, and this technique can also be taught to the person to use on their own.

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