There are often many questions that massage therapy clients have prior to their first massage, and often people want to know how to prepare. There are few tips we can give you in order to get the most out of your massage experience and feel adequately prepared.

Tips for Massage Therapy Clients

1. What type of massage would you like? What are your goals for the massage?

One key component is to determine the type of massage you would like to receive. This is often determined by what the person’s goals for that massage consist of and how deep the client would like the pressure to be. For example, if you would like a relaxing gentle massage, then effleurage is a great choice. If you would like deep pressure onto tight muscles, a sports massage would be a good fit.

The massage therapist will explain more to you when you arrive in order to help determine which route is best. As always, you should feel comfortable to report if there is too little or too much pressure as well as any sensations you experience. Depending on what type of massage you are receiving and the goals of the massage, you may feel different sensations. You may begin to feel relaxed and even fall asleep. You may feel areas of tightness or soreness as the technique is applied.

2. What do I wear to my massage and during my massage?

A common question is that people want to know what to wear to a massage, and what the protocol is for what to wear during the massage. The phrase that massage therapists often use to help direct their clients in what to wear during the massage is “feel free to undress to your comfort level.” Many people choose to undress completely, as the private areas of the body will remain covered with the sheets during the entire massage. Other people choose to leave on their undergarments, socks or other articles of clothing. The massage can be performed over clothing as needed. With this, people can wear whatever they would like upon arriving at their massage however keep in mind that something loose-fitting and comfortable is best if you choose to leave it on.

3. What do I need to know about my plan for the rest of my day?

People like to know how to prepare for their massage, but also how to schedule the rest of their day. Usually, you will feel relaxed and maybe a bit tired after your massage. Most massage therapists will advise you to not perform any vigorous workouts that same day as your massage session, and plan for some relaxing time to enjoy the effects of your massage. You will need to drink plenty of water after the session, so be prepared with a large water bottle or access to drinking water.

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