Sometimes it is hard to prevent sitting for long periods of time especially during the work day. It is really important to make sure you are periodically moving your body during the day to use your muscles and keep your body in the best shape possible.

1. Neck pain

The neck can be prone to pain when sitting for long periods of time. Our necks are meant to move around and to be in many ranges of motion, so when we sit it is in a static and stationary position and can be painful or stiff.

2. Weight gain

Sitting too much can decrease our step-count and activity level. This can cause weight gain due to less activity and especially when the caloric intake is the same as when we are active.

3. Poor posture

Being in the seated position for too long can cause our spines to forwardly flex, especially if we are not aware of our posture. The spine can get stiff and sore as well as not be as apt to keep a good upright position against gravity, thus connected with poor posture.

 4. Fatigue

Sitting can lead to fatigue. When we are not as active, our energy levels can suffer and lead to excessive fatigue. The fatigue can cause other issues as well, and make us less apt to perform activities with friends and family as well as excessive sleeping.

5. Muscle stiffness

Our muscles are often affected by sitting, and can stiffen or tighten up. Our muscles get less blood flow when we are in the seated position, especially those in our legs, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles. Massage therapy is a great way to help with this issue.

6. Cardiac Issues

When we don’t move around as much and sit too much, our hearts don’t work as well. Our heart is a muscle just like anywhere else in the body and it is important that we work out our heart by getting our heart rate up. Sitting does not allow for our heart muscle to get worked out, and our heart rate stays stagnant.

A great way to help your muscles after sitting all day is massage therapy. A massage can be a way for your muscles to stay active and healthy.

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