A huge percentage of Americans suffer from headaches. There are many causes and types of headaches. A headache can be caused by muscle tightness or tension. Headaches can also be related to other health issues.

Headaches due to muscle tightness or tension can be varied and related to many different muscles. The temporalis muscle is located on the sides of the head/skull, just above the ears. This muscle can get tight and cause headaches, and when this muscle is released it will relieve the headache.

Tightness in the neck muscles can also cause headaches. In particular, the upper trapezius and levator scapulae muscles can be tight or sore due to poor posture or head forward posture. The suboccipital muscles located in the back of the neck between the neck and skull also tend to cause headaches in the posterior head region.

Tension in the jaw or face musculature will also cause headaches or face pain. This can be related to stress, tightness, gripping, or grinding the teeth. Just as other muscles in the body, release of these areas can lessen headaches.

How Massage Therapy Can Help Your Headache:

Massage therapy is a great choice to decrease muscle tightness, restriction and headaches. The particular techniques are deep tissue massage, trigger point release, and even effleurage. Deep tissue massage to tight muscles helps to decrease tightness and restriction that may cause headaches. Trigger point release will relieve the particular areas of tightness and muscular “knots.” Effleurage massage is a gentle technique that can help to smooth out tight areas in the body and relax the muscles. This is a technique that also helps to relax the nervous system and help the person achieve peace and tranquility.

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